Water seepage and leakage are the main causes of damages in homes or any other places. Tiling and waterproofing technique can help you to get rid of these problems. Any defect which can access moisture into the building has to be rectified as soon as possible. Otherwise it results in unexpected damages of the building structure. We will rectify all the leakage problem with our tiling and water proofing Brisbane services. We provide high quality water proofing and tiling services in Brisbane at affordable prices. We are one of the most trusted companies for tiling and waterproofing Brisbane.

Master Craft Tiling provides tiling and waterproofing service to ensure there is never a leakage problem.

Why Waterproof…

  • Not only is it a BSA requirement,

    We supply a waterproofing certificate for work

  • In order to prevent structural damages of the buildings
  • In order to prevent the damages caused by the moisture.
  • Preventing water to travel in negative areas
  • To prevent water loss in pools
  • In order to protect and maintain the buildings from climatic changes.

The commercial tiling services are tailored according to the customer needs.

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